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Business Opportunity Design Courses

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In the webinar learn about how digital transformation and resilience build can happen in the super space cycle time.

Sarah, Anissa and Barbara present the way of growing digitally with a creative twist. Learn how 3 phases help you derive your innate market advantage.

The keyword is 'subjective'.
It is subjective how you design and build.
It is subjective what you launch.
It is subjective how you brand it.

You do it faster in less time.
Not even marketing is required.
Your innate market advantage is born.

There are MANY business opportunities out there.
But where? And if you found them, will those be working for you?

Complications might be great for expensive Swiss watches, but seeing them mushrooming without a purpose crossing your own career path, your business, focusing on political and economic uncertainties, all of that is limiting you.

Don't you deserve a business opportunity that brings you forward?
DoktorB says: Your business opportunity is subjective to you, should be even affordable without begging the bank for money.

Why you need this training:
* You will find out what your innate market advantage is.
** You will turn your innate market advantage into a business opportunity and then into a business model.
*** You will master your cognitive skills and surprise your inner self and your community & peers.

Following the letter shape is the craziest thing I have seen
- Prof. Caro Dunst, University of Ansbach in our live session with 3 opportunity designs in less than 30 minutes

How you kick off the training:
* You chose a letter (click)
** Subjective to your speed and interest, you follow our practical video guide and workbook
*** The creativity built into the exercises makes it easy for you to use

The Opportunity Course brought us to our operative power and our first online capsule collection, Rock n' Rose.
- Elke Fechner Berr from Elke Berr Creations, Geneva  

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Invest in the shortcut to leverage the Extension Opportunity Type.
Succeed in YOUR BUSINESS Design and unlock the potential of EXTENSIONS that pay off.

Isn't it that global brands invest a lot in Marketing and Business Modeling?
Yes. They do.
And they keep investing lots of money to find the ideal match of their innate market advantage and the ideal business model.

What did they do differently to be successful?
Good question. In your training subscription for a lifetime, you get access to our exclusive global brand study.

How do I get access to global brand studies - the web is full of useless and useful material?
We will bring the global brands much closer to you than anyone else.  
The program embraces overall 26 global brand studies.
The brand study in the course you booked follows the 3-phase approach and is easy to capture and learn from.

How do I get the best global brand study that serves my training?
Driven by your choice of the letter, you get our insighs into the corresponding global brand.
The global brand study is included in your subscription.

Just for curiosity, why does DoktorB apply the letter shape and the ABC?
The ABC was always a key element in DoktorB's youth.
Later as a working artist and training creator, she recalled her experience and the fun she had when learning the ABC.
Barbara Fluegge applied the letter shape intuitively in her artworks.
Clients told Barbara later how subjective and helpful the impact was from the perspective of a letter.
Then, she created then teaming and learning modules for businesses and for learners.


The Business Opportunity Design courses (one for each industry archetype!) are especially designed for you to learn about your innate, unique market advantage. And how you are going to take advantage.

You reveal your inner strenghts and learn to flip obstacles into an idea

Learn more

You transform the ideal idea into a unique business opportunity

Learn more

You create your business model step-by-step with confidence

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Special promotion: E-Opportunity Course

Invest in the shortcut to leverage the Extension Opportunity Type.
Succeed in YOUR BUSINESS Design and unlock the potential of EXTENSIONS that pay off.

We developed the training in close cooperation with our clients and business partners.
They are for example from Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, India, UK and the USA.

It is DoktorB's dream that you take advantage of your innate market advantage - being or becoming an entrepreneur, marketer, communicator, product developer, sales, researcher, scholar, student, shaper, expert, leader, board member, business owner, starter.

*** Business owners and teams book the ABC Business Opportunity Design Business Package (click).
*** Individual learners select one course - check out the course options like the E-opportunity course (click).

Each letter course is individually designed with one particular global brand assessment that is included in the course, like the BIGONE workbook, amongst other content.
We created this Magic Formula for you.
It is the best of more than 13.500 project days we worked on.
It is our secret recipe for you, spiced with creativity, expertise, curiosity, resilience sensing, appetite for business growth, digital transformation intellect, and neuro science.

We set the Tuition Fee as it is.
We want you to be successful - for a lifetime.
Updates of the course materials are included in the tuition fee - no extra, no subscription payment.
The course should be affordable, non competitive so to speak and still be in premium quality. 


The Business Opportunity Design courses (and the covered global brands) are especially designed for you to learn about your innate, unique market advantage. And how you are going to take advantage.

You reveal your inner strenghts and learn to flip obstacles into an idea

Learn more

You transform the ideal idea into a unique business opportunity

Learn more

You create your business model step-by-step with confidence

Learn more


Before you kick-off your unique learning experience and succeed, here are the key steps for you to follow. 

The key steps for you:
1. Determine what you are a looking for. If it is your subjective success, then  or following others
2. Choose the opportunity type aka the letter (access here)
3. Book the opportunity type training (access here)
4. Kick-off the training
5. Benefit immediately
6. After completion, talk to us to get featured in our ABC Library like Elke Fechner Berr, room!ng, Belgado, and many others.

ABC Business Opportunity Design Courses 

Passion is what will keep you going when things get tough.
- Richard Branson

It is your inner voice that is calling for an opportunity.
It is the innate market advantage that the course helps you identify.
- DoktorB


How can you succeed in a market that is constantly turning and will you be able to manage growth?
The ABC Business Opportunity Design will take you to a unique business modeling roadmap.

YOU will apply the letter shape that either results from the quiz or suits you best.
YOU will utilize the letter shape exercises and a global brand that we pre-assessed for you.
YOU will kick off your own learning and context.
YOU will get to sharpen your Opportunity Recognition capacity. 

Identifying the uniqueness

The Quiz is your ideal first right move.
Driven by your answers in the quiz,
you will identify a letter that intuitively lays out
the key characteristics of your future offering.

You are addicted to a letter, then kick it off with our exclusive edition of 10 industry opportunity courses.

The ABC-Resilience training then becomes the logical next step for your growth momentum.

Confronting with obstacles

Along the way, your cognitive skills will be put to the test as you face resistance and risk.

By overcoming them, learn how to view obstacles as new opportunities and minimize risks to strengthen your capacity for resilience. 

Practical implementation and transformation

In this step, develop suggestions for practical implementation and set your own thought processes in motion to guide your progress yourself and thus transform old hurdles into new opportunities.

There is no better way to get the transformation rolling.

Evaluation and creation of an opportunity grid

You put together your opportunity grid with the many possibilities that arise from your offer.

You will recognize that obstacles have already dissolved through the training and what obstacles are still relevant.

The visual presentation of the opportunity grid is a great guideline in the BIGONE workbook. It help you derive instructions to develop your business opportunity further. You will sharpen your eye how to scale and where your offering. 

Optional coaching

24-hour emergency service with DoktorB team - all time zones covered.

1:1 DoktorB coaching: let the experts evaluate your offering and exchange directly with us.
Both, 24-hour and 1:1, they will help you speed up the go-to-market process and chose the right software & app tools.

Special promotion: E-Opportunity Course

Invest in the shortcut to leverage the Extension Opportunity Type.
Succeed in YOUR BUSINESS Design and unlock the potential of EXTENSIONS that pay off.



I have not seen lately such a crazy implementable approach. We got results within minutes for a startup P and a manufacturing business W -  in a webinar!

Prof. Durst
University Ansbach


My innate dream of modeling a business around my core contacts is coming true. If you haven't experienced DoktorB, you would not believe it.

Vincent Boutellier
room!ng AG


I was searching for the perfect term (SMILE) for my business offer and nailing down my own way of working with neurographic: VISIONGRAPHICS. Thank you so much, DoktorB!

Heidi Mara Sieber


DoktorB has been vital to my development of creative and innovative skills. I have gained confidence in pursuing what I believe in. And I have gained confidence in what I can achieve!

Sarah Tyrer
MA English & Literature

Learn about the TRIAD Case (click the icon)

We reveal some of the core findings and how we worked in the TRIAD case. The overall findings will help Enrique to leverage his business in a digitally enhanced manner.

Letter T Case Study


This could be your space.
It takes 3 steps.

Your business

It is your inner voice calling for your business idea to come true -
It is our aim to teach you how to transform your idea into a concise offering. 

With a concise offering you build a foundation that is sustainable and resilient to grow your and your clients' business further. 


One day, as Jens told me, his manager asked him to inform him about the next preferred job assignment. Jens is good as his job ,his manger reassured. Jens himself holds a management position for some years and is very happy there.

Jens was puzzled and worried. What could it be: a job move - up or down - or a move that implies a relocation. Where he is right now is perfectly aligned with his private life; family and friends live in the nearby vicinity. But was made him wonder most was the following: What is what I am really good at? 

As a course student, the first step was about getting started. Looking at the course structure and conduct of the Business Opportunity Design. Listening to the introductory session with DoktorB.

The first eye opening moment was not the solution, but the cognitive approach and working with the shape of the letters. Driven by this gamification twist (verified throughout the ABC Opportunity Futurity Quiz), Jens got closer to the real (mental, professional) roadblocks.

It was the point of identifying his core expertise that he could bring to the table when being asked for a new job assignment to select from. Tied into a job profile for years that was not made for nor created by him, he lost his focus on what he is good at now and what he was good at before. He also forgot to show off being visible, as for example how to express himself clearly and frame his offering (and ask!) to his management.  

It was the mind and eye opening moment when he stated loud and and admitted that a big wall is in front of him - and the questions he was asking were the following: What is behind the wall? If there is a way out, is there a ladder that helps me to escape (from the manager that was waiting for a reply to his next career move)? Where am I really good at and it will be enough to turn that into a market offer?

Jens did not want to quit his job nor his employer. He sought clarity about his own capacity and what he really wanted.
Jens captured while proceeding from Level 1 to Level 2 in the course a sidenote what he was looking for - SMILE - it is now to continue with the opportunity resiliency practicing (Level 2). One key cognitive mechanism we recommend in the course is to 'standing still and watch your letter shape exercise evolving through your own capability' - this tiny moment will help you collect cognitively all relevant (and sort out all irrelevant) influencers. It will help to disclose your and his innate market advantage. 

We specially designed the Business Opportunity Design courses to help you in your hometurf - hence there are multiple possible entry points why the courses are the right ones for you.

The Business Opportunity Design is the right choice for you, if one or more of the following requirements meet your needs and you are adding a big YES after the respective statement:

WHAT are the opportunities within my own business and vicinity
HOW I can explore new ways of serving my first two clients to help me scale into ten other clients
WHY I could enhance my existing product/service even if it seems outdated or misplaced compared to the competitive offerings
HOW I will gain confidence in all of the next business modeling steps  


Take the Opportunity Futurity Quiz that's been taken so many times.

You will discover your strengths and psychology triggers that help you lay out the key characteristics of your future market offering. 

By clicking TAKE THE QUIZ, you agree that you will be guided to a 3rd party quiz link and that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.