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After working together, you fill certain and confident about your offering. You will attract more ideal clients and you will connect with them on an intuitive and emotional level and be firm about your offering.

Listen to Elke Fechner Berr and her L

Elke Fechner Berr is the Co-CEO of Berr & Partners and the brainchild of Elke Berr Creations, a global recognized brand of premium jewellry with a 30-year heritage of uniquely traded gemstones and designed Sur Mesure jewellry.

Enjoy now DoktorB in conversation with Elke Fechner Berr.
Learn about Elke's choice for the "L" in the ABC Business Opportunity Design Program.

Before we kicked off the ABC Business Opportunity Design, she was absolutely sure about the "L". L for Love, Live, and Laugh.

  • Enjoy in this video how clarity about your offering transforms into vital energy:
  • 0:00-0:30 Introduction and stage setting
  • 0:31-1:20 The L and its importance to Elke 
  • 1:21-1:40 Elke explains her brand logo 
  • 1:41-2:00 The importance of anticipating the power of an offering and the Elke Berr Creations brand
  • 2:00-2:25 Saving time, energy, and money with our analysis


My team and I created unique coaching and learning formats. Have a look which one will meet your needs.

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Why VIP Intense?
Timing is mission critical for you. The intensity of the 360° analysis and step-by-step concept by DoktorB helps you transforming NOW.

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Why the ABC Course?
In the self-paced eLearning, you get all the insights from DoktorB, the ideal BIG ONE workbook, samples. You set your speed to getting forward with your own offering.

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Why Mid-Term Mentoring?
You process & advance directly and live with DoktorB. You benefit from on-the-spot guidance that results from 20 years of experience - continuously week by week.

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1-on-1 Premium Market-Maker Program 

Premium transformation service and concept designed for leaders and their established business. The transformation service brings your business model to the next level.
We work together to disclose, evaluate, and upgrade your business transformation strategy and execute it.

* Digital transformation check based on 1 existing product
* Resilience capacity check in 7 business departments & roles
* Completely done-for-you deployment concept

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Georg Schleiermacher


Consecutive Mentoring in a Unique Expert & Group Format

Premium, deep dive mentoring service over 52 weeks. Entry points are eligible for leaders, experts, and decision seekers that seek to grow personally and business wise. 26Karat Mentoring by DoktorB helps you focus on what is relevant to you and how to achieve it. We work together to disclose, evaluate, and upgrade your daily and your strategy business needs in a continous, sustainable mode.

DoktorB says: "It is your time and your money to grow your business. Decide now. Get started. Benefit from the 26Karat-Mentoring-Member-Network."

* Resolve day-to-day business requirements
* Gain new perspectives through unique brand analysis
* Prepare and streamline strategic decisions

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DoktorB, you are brilliant.

Elke Fechner Berr
Berr & Partners

You like to progress as Elke Fechner Berr and her new Capsule Collection Rock'N Rose did?
Find out about the ABC Business Opportunity Design Program and our Courses.


Amplify your Business with your Opportunity Type 

As we learned from Elke Berr, the ABC Business Opportunity Design is great for experts, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

As we learned from Elke Berr being your business an established business and/or about launching a new business line, the Business Opportunity Design Courses help you create an impact  in all stages of transforming.

Key learnings from Elke Berr:
1) Enhance your idea, build your business
2) Learn about potential obstacles, leave those behind that make you feel stuck and focus on the ones that help you move forward
3) Design the utmost concise business offering.

It takes 3 steps that empower you to proceed.

* Pick from 10 separate opportunity courses based on YOUR opportunity personality
* Learn how to use your opportunity type in your business
* Self-paced, Do-It-Yourself, 3 x 2 hours of training, video guided, lots of additional content and the ready-to-use BIG ONE Training Workbook

Good to know: all worksheets and the entire workbook are a result of our advisory and mentoring work with clients like Elke Fechner Berr, room!ng, DETECON Consulting, Belgado and many others.

The ABC Business Opportunity Design course has been vital to my development of creative and innovative skills. I have gained confidence in pursuing what I believe in. And I have gained confidence in what I can achieve!


Passion is what will keep you going when things get tough.
- Richard Branson

It is your inner voice that is calling for an opportunity.
It is your innate market advantage that our ABC course will help you identify.
- DoktorB


His manager asked Jens to inform him about the next preferred job assignment. Jens is good as his job ,his manger reassured. Jens himself holds a management position for some years.

Jens was puzzled and worried. What could it be: a job move - up or down - or a move that implies a relocation. Where he is right now is perfectly aligned with his private life; family and friends live in the nearby vicinity. But was made him wonder most was the following: What is what I am really good at? 

As a course student, the first step was about getting started. Looking at the course structure and conduct of the Business Opportunity Design. Listening to the introductory session with DoktorB.

The first eye opening moment was not the solution, but the cognitive approach and working with the shape of the letters. Driven by this gamification twist (verified throughout the ABC Opportunity Futurity Quiz), Jens got closer to the real (mental, professional) roadblocks.

It was the point of identifying his core expertise that he could bring to the table when being asked for a new job assignment to select from. Tied into a job profile for years that was not made for nor created by him, he lost his focus on what he is good at now and what he was good at before. He also forgot to show off being visible, as for example how to express himself clearly and frame his offering (and ask!) to his management.  

It was the mind and eye opening moment when he stated loud and and admitted that a big wall is in front of him - and the questions he was asking were the following: What is behind the wall? If there is a way out, is there a ladder that helps me to escape (from the manager that was waiting for a reply to his next career move)? Where am I really good at and it will be enough to turn that into a market offer?

Jens did not want to quit his job nor his employer. He sought clarity about his own capacity and what he really wanted.
Jens captured while proceeding from Level 1 to Level 2 in the course a sidenote what he was looking for - SMILE - it is now to continue with the opportunity resiliency practicing (Level 2). One key cognitive mechanism we recommend in the course is to 'standing still and watch your letter shape exercise evolving through your own capability' - this tiny moment will help you collect cognitively all relevant (and sort out all irrelevant) influencers. It will help to disclose your and his innate market advantage. 

We specially designed the ABC Business Opportunity Design courses to help you in your hometurf - hence there are multiple possible entry points why the courses are the right ones for you.

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The Business Opportunity Design is the right choice for you, if one or more of the following requirements meet your needs and you are adding a big YES after the respective statement:

WHAT are the opportunities within my own business and vicinity
HOW I can explore new ways of serving my first two clients to help me scale into ten other clients
WHY I could enhance my existing product/service even if it seems outdated or misplaced compared to the competitive offerings
HOW I will gain confidence in all of the next business modeling steps  


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