Attract More of Your Ideal Clients
with the Opportunity Design Tool

The 3 x 40 minutes Business Opportunity Design training courses are your shortcut to incorporating your innate business intuition into your sales offer. Enroll now for additional 90 hours of video material, 100's of market examples, industry-specific insights, and the simple 3-step-offering design.

LEVERAGING YOUR opportunity type allows you to:

... stand out against the competition and START with a concise and strong market message
... be YOU, without being in a hamster cage where trend reports dictate what your clients need
... prepare for a go-to-market offering design with a bullet-proof business model that speaks for itself
... OPEN UP and train your resilience muscle in a safe space
... utilitize your EXPERTISE and KNOWHOW to CREATE a resilient and coherent business offer
... let your PERSONALITY be your intuitive ambassador for the kick-start of your own business

In order for a sales offer that scales, there HAS TO BE OPPORTUNITY CLARITY. The typical 'One-size-fits-all' solutions fail to capture your uniqueness as being the vendor / coach / consultant and it is hard for the markets to recognize the personality and the uniqueness behind your offering. Even more questionable are the standard offerings that do not serve diversity, sustainability and the huge growth opportunities in these markets.

In order for a sales offer to adapt and withstand market turmoils, there HAS TO BE OPPORTUNITY RESILIENCY. DoktorB developed now a course for each business opportunity sector aka industry. Instead of stopping serving a client, DoktorB added simplified examples of creative long-distance options that work.

You come as you are - being a designer working for a bank with its first private clients, a night shift worker or student dreaming of their future business selling books and developing games. So instead of endless trial-and-error rounds, DoktorB teaches you to use gamification empowered business modeling routines.

Choose from 10 different courses; one for each of 10 opportunity types and industry sectors that wait for you.

I want to share everything I know about business opportunity design with you.

Deep insights into cognitive mechanisms help service providers, coaches, and product sellers compile a concise offering and simplify the decision-making process of your future clients. Cognitive fluency and your personality are paired with transformation choices and result then in a powerful sales offer.

Brand builders can utilize the business opportunity design results instantly for brand design and marketing, as both marketing and opportunity design share the same psychological basis (and line up with the archetypes).

I detected a pattern in opportunity design made of sensing, scouting, and impactfulness. It streamlines your relationship with your clients. You build bonds with the clients of your clients, too. The spirit of the ideal opportunity carries on in a wave of growing into new markets such as digital markets, services, physical add-ons, or virtual trainings.


In-depth insights, cognitive fluency, and ease-of-use steps to create YOUR best offering ever and achieve better results.


With 10 different opportunity type courses to choose from, you grow your confidence through cycles of sensing, scouting, and strengthening your business model capacity. By learning to distinguish your relevant options to consider from the 'world out there'-options, your market voice grows. It is your voice that is calling for an opportunity and that helps you identify the opportunity behind your expertise, a business inspiration, and even a glimpse of an idea that is talking to you for so long.

Want to hear the best part?

The clarity of your offering speaks to both, your clients' decision makers and their influencers.

It is your inner voice calling for your business idea to come true -
It is our aim to teach you how to transform your idea into a concise offering. 

With a concise offering you build a foundation that is sustainable and resilient to grow your and your clients' business further. 

What made you, DoktorB, becoming the oracle of business opportunities?

I wish I could credit for it - it is not magic. It is our clients and our close collaboration in thousands of project days that helped us identify a pattern, a common denominator how to design and deploy a business idea successfully.
The cognitive mechanisms we are utilizing to help you design meaningful offerings are rooted in cognitive science and the prospect theory.

Hhhhm, what DoktorB invented is a transformation formula spiced with gamification, structure, and clues that we wrapped around in letter shapes from the ABC, and I've successfully guided hundreds of business opportunity designs around the globe.

I cannot wait to share with you what we have discovered.

L stands for Love, Laugh, Lights On

You are brilliant, DoktorB

Elke Fechner Berr
Elke Berr Creations Geneva



In this section, we will welcome you to the Business Opportunity Design training with our short introductory video. You will also find the Letter Quiz and be provided with your letter specific Inspiration Canvas, which will get your kickstarted in your training journey! 

The world is changing around us

Learn about why cognitive capacity and innovation is important to the success of your digital and onsite business and your future offering! In this section, we will show you the motivations behind our training and why it is mission critical that we all learn to innovate and turn obstructions into opportunities.

1 Start here

Start Here is our first training level of the Business Opportunity Design Training. We’ll start with your letter shape and the fundamentals of what your letter means.

What can the pathways open up for you?
What do you associate with your letter?
What is your sweet spot?

We’ll look at how the letter shape creates opportunities and guides your offering’s development. Through the workbook and short videos, we’ll show you what we have analysed, and you’ll show us what your unique insights to the letter are, helping you to personify your letter to begin developing your concise and ideal offering.

You’ll identify your unique sweet spot to take forward into the training – what are you building on? What have you got to offer?

2 Open up

In Open Up, we’ll again start with your letter and ask you to analyse its shape and create persona profiles – how can you exhibit the behaviours of your letter?

We’ll work through Resilience Sensing and Scouting skills – the processes of being aware of obstacles and influences in the market.

To build a successful offering and business, you need to turn obstacles into opportunities. We’ll share how you can do this through our interactive workbook and video, so that YOU can analyse your obstacles and build a resilient offering idea.

Global Brands and their future business

Did you know that there are secret hints in your favorite brand?
We analysed successful global brands, including one selected specifically for YOUR cognitive inspiration. By getting to know a global brand, YOU can understand why they have been successful and what they can improve upon.

We have suggested new ways that these global brands could innovate in line with our Business Opportunity Design training, to show you that it is always possible to grow and improve. Even these global brands are working on their future businesses!

Our Inspiration Kits will motivate and encourage you to incorporate values of success into your design process!

Villains of Letter influenced business models (coming soon)

What can existing businesses teach you?
What makes a business a ‘villain’?
How can YOU avoid becoming the villain of your market?

This is an exciting new field we are tapping into. Learn from our business model villains what you shouldn’t do to build a successful and sustainable business. Getting to know business elements and practices to avoid will help you stand out from the crowd by creating an ethical, sustainable, and customer-centric business model!

You booked the training some while ago? With your lifetime access, you are eligible to this content element - login, check the addition and kick-in!

3 Create

Develop your USP and utilise your Transformation skills!
We will learn about transforming your Sweet Spot into an Offering.

In the highly competitive business world, sustainability and cyclicity are becoming more important; it isn’t enough to just offer a substandard product. In this section, we will show you our insights into building a sustainable business that does not compromise on resilience or success… Your offering can have it all!

Learn the power of Transformation, Sustainability and Cyclicity!

3 Design your Business Model

In the second half of this stage, we will show you how to turn your ideal offering into a successful business model.
Receive the 9 insightful business model steps! Each step addresses a different element of your business model and asks you stimulating questions to get you thinking.
Develop a strong personality in your business model and understand your next steps for success! 

The BIG ONE: Your Opportunity Futurity Workbook

BIG ONE is accompanying from the very first minute of the training, during the training, and BEYOND. By completing your Opportunity Futurity Workbook, you’re getting a powerful and helpful tool for your future business decisions!
The BIG ONE workbook is your essential companion throughout the training! It provides an in-depth opportunity to reflect and build on our videos through your unique insights.
Make the training work for you through YOUR individual workbook. 

4 Great Course Additions

Do you want to learn about the secrets behind large brands? Or be educated on the psychology of cognitive theory – which is, after all, the whole basis for our training?
Maybe you want to learn how to implement our training practices into your everyday life more seamlessly.

Explore our Global Brand Analysis, understand where our training has come from through the Academia Background, learn how to Create Your Own Ladder for daily cognitive practice, and utilise our What Makes Your Day Checklist – four exciting opportunities to expand your training experience!

What your investment gets you ...

>> Unlimited access to your opportunity type content. With psychology-based opportunity clues and business modeling strategies, you’ll learn how to leverage your opportunities' innate qualities for ultimate success. You’ll even get all of the future updates to the course, completely free of charge!  

>> Exclusive to YOUR opportunity type you get focused video training. Opportunities that convince the markets are the ones that derive from your very own expertise, innate drive and market advantage combined with obstructions and risks, chances and clues you consider as relevant and necessary. You will get virtual coaching on YOUR opportunity type, from the comfort of home. Or home office. Or traveling. Or office location... The videos are laser-focused from our team between 5-15 minutes long each. You can easily refer back to the material whenever you need fresh ideas.

>> A work-as-you-learn workbook. Implement, capture what you are learning and dig deeper into the analysis of your inner market advantage and opportunity design with the course workbook.

>> To-the-point training routines. Our human brain is so wonderful in capturing massive information. Routines are designed so that you distill the essence of YOUR opportunity. The training clues help you keeping your progress on track and laser-focused on YOUR innate market advantage.

+ 4 Exciting Workshop Additions

>> Global Brand Analysis ... How to Transform a Global Brand - for Truly Sustainable Results

>> Academia Background for Theory Enthusiasts ... What Roots did Starbucks and Tesla Take - for Market Expansion

>> Create your Own Ladder Routine ... Why Your Business Goes Up - for Your Daily Dose of Cognitive Practicing

>> Excite Clients & Teams ... What Makes Your Day Checklist - for Team-Inspired Opportunity Designs


Join the Business Opportunity Design to unlock the power of your innate market advantage.

I have had my eyes OPENED

I have had my eyes opened to new creative ways of working and thinking, which has improved how I work throughout all aspects of my life. The Business Opportunity Design has been vital to my development of creative and innovative skills. I have gained confidence in pursuing what I believe in and what I can achieve! Innovative and creative practices have become part of my life in the most positive way. 

Sarah Tyrer
MA English & Literature


>> You have an idea, but you are missing the steps to design the ideal business model.

>> You are lacking focus in your business.

>> You need a practical routine to streamline your idea-to-market activities.

>> You are tied up in your daily job, but you ask yourself: Is this it? Did I reach the full potential? My full potential?

>> You have multiple ideas of what your market offering is about, but you are unsure how to select the ideal one.

>> You are looking for a viable concept for an emerging or growing business area.

>> Digital Transformation is a great move. However, others move their offerings, too - and alike market offers disappear at the bottom of the digital sales shelf. What you want is to attract more clients who appreciate your expertise, uniqueness and personality and that you get YOUR sales offer stand out from the crowd.

>> ... and you love to get some coaching to increase the business comfort zone around you.


Good news. You can complete the course at your own pace. With the login, you continue whenever you have time. Every aspect of opportunity design is outlined clearly. The core sections are numbered from 1 to 3. You can for example hop on to the Global Brands section and then hop off to continue further with your project. 

There are 3 levels you run through - we use the metaphor of a ladder you climb up. It gets easier and lighter from 1 to 2 and 3 as you remove the unnecessary glitter and obstructions while advancing your offering. Every section in the course is dedicated to the 3 levels and they are video-supported. Each section contains a core video sequence that is 5 to 15 minutes long. Overall there are 3 areas and overall 13 key sections for any opportunity type. The total video-watch time is around 2 hours. In addition you find additional video- and bonus material that you can select from whenever you feel the need for it in your opportunity design journey. 

The one-for-all-sections workbook is as comprehensive as a workbook should be. It comes along with the course. It covers all sections and gives you the clues, so that you have everything and your own additions and notes in one place. The video-material and the workbook sections go hand in hand. Depending on your pace and dedication, reserve some extra time for your notes and hints while working through the video material (there are 3 levels that you run through for your opportunity design). 

It is the clarity and resiliency that makes some business models successful. In order to advance with your idea, your inspiration, your product or service idea, the opportunity design is a core building block to that success. With cognitive insights and psychology-based value creation for prospects, the Business Opportunity Design course exists to teach you how to utilize your innate business opportunity to its full capacity.

Consider the course as a big shining lightbulb that brings you clarity and conciseness, precision and a fully developed business offering. It saves you time and energy as you sort out the options are not in favor for you and concentrate on the innate market advantage.

How many new clients would you need to book in order to pay for this course? If your innate market advantage is transformed into your unique sales offer, how much could you be charging for your offering?

I cannot guarantee that you do the work. But if you follow the proven method, if you utilize the workbook and check out the findings from the Global Brand, you will attract more ideal clients in those markets that are ideal for you.

This course has such a unique position (the kickstart) in the process of transforming your business, so that it serves as a starter program for your business kick-off.

The Diamond Week is a more comprehensive, onsite/online in-depth program. It walks you through a step-by-step analysis and transformation concept for all aspects of your business. It is intense and includes a teaming element for six or more individuals.The Diamond Week covers all opportunity types.

In our 26K Mentoring Programs, we are running an interactive, personal one-to-many mentoring online. Every month, we are kicking off the 26K Mentoring with a Global Brand use case and the proceed on situational and strategic decision making.


Join the Business Opportunity Design to unlock the power of your market advantage.


For my coaching and consulting peers who work with clients and want to incorporate opportunity types and Global Brand analysis into your work, I created a special bulk offering for completing your Business Opportunity Design set. Get the rest of the 10 here: