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The Significance of Letter T

Orlando, 2021

The letter T stands for positivity while its cognitive flexibility acts as a connector of the physical layer and a series of digital products and services.

In 10 steps, we worked our way from the brand and company analysis to the question of a tailor made coaching business can substantiate its way-of-coaching and face-to-face sensing quality in a digital environment. 

As part of the 10-step project, we conducted a brand review. We identified hints and improvement areas. In our documentation we compile the key steps, so that the client can execute the transformation right away. 

We have conceptualized a digital layer of individual services for TRIAD. This will be allowing the team to scale while they are keeping the capacity of high key maintenance in client engagement and the premium quality that differentiates it from the competition. It is essential for us that the reputation of TRIAD grows with the move from physical to digital.

Understanding the physical, digital and mental dimensions of agility is mission critical to optimize the coaching value cycle of a business like TRIAD.

The TRIAD business

Mobility of TRIAD

In our engagement with Enrique Gonzales, founder of TRIAD, we focused on what and how digital tools could help TRIAD scale.
TRIAD, Triad Leadership Solutions, provides assessment, training, and mentorship for future, current & executive level leadership.